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DOT Physicals at Chiropractic Fitness

If you are a commercial truck driver or have a commercial driver’s license, you will need a DOT physical. These physicals are required by law to ensure public safety. It’s vital that anyone who drives an 18-wheeler, for example, is healthy enough to do so. Such a large vehicle can pose a danger to others on the road if the driver of the truck isn’t fit enough for the task of driving.

At Chiropractic Fitness, Dr. Schulman will do a comprehensive exam and then get you quickly back on the road. He has the same training as medical doctors to perform the exams and is board certified. While other practitioners provide DOT physicals in Charlotte, we offer the convenience of same-day appointments.

What to Expect

Bring your driver’s license to your appointment. You will need to fill out some simple paperwork before your 20-minute exam. The examination will include the following:

  • Listening to your heart and lungs
  • Taking your blood pressure
  • Collecting a urine sample to see if there’s any blood, protein or sugar in your urine
  • Checking your range of motion
  • Testing your vision and hearing
  • Checking your grip strength

You will not be drug tested as part of the exam. You also should refrain from smoking cigarettes or drinking any coffee for approximately five hours before your appointment. That’s because smoking and caffeine can elevate blood pressure to give a false reading.


Can I book an appointment for myself or should my employer schedule it for me?

Either option is fine. You can choose to schedule the appointment or ask your employer to do so.

How much does the physical cost?

The cost is $70. You can pay with cash or a credit card.

Will I be given some form of documentation showing I passed the physical?

Yes, you will be given a laminated medical card at the end of your appointment.

Book an Appointment

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