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Meet Dr. Craig Schulman

Chiropractor South Charlotte, Dr. Craig SchulmanChiropractic Changed My Life

While in high school, Dr. Schulman was a football player. He ended up having neck pain, low back pain and headaches from his sport. His migraines would get so bad that he would be bedridden. Painkillers accompanied him everywhere, and he could hardly get through a day without them. A friend suggested Dr. Schulman try chiropractic. Desperate for a solution, he decided to see if the chiropractor could help.

The improvement Dr. Schulman saw from care was so impactful that he threw out his bottle of painkillers. He’d always been into health and fitness and made it his career by becoming a personal trainer. The clients he helped at the gym would often suffer from injuries, but he felt limited by how he could assist them. The next logical step was to enroll at chiropractic college.

Your Trauma and Injury Expert

Dr. Schulman attended Life University just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. There, he took courses such as anatomy, biochemistry, physics, X-ray reading and various chiropractic techniques. In class, he performed his first adjustment on a fellow student. Afterward, with the positive feedback he was given, he felt confident in his ability to help people. He received a Doctor of Chiropractic as a cum laude (high honors) graduate from Life University.

The postdoctoral education Dr. Schulman has includes courses such as Triaging the Injured, Caring for the Trauma Patient, and Head Trauma and Brain Injury. To further care for people who have been in accidents, he became certified in whiplash injury at the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. His additional qualifications include

  • Board-Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician®
  • Active Release Therapy® certified
  • Kinesio Tape® certified

He is a member of The Academy of Chiropractic and the American Academy of Medical Legal Practitioners. Both organizations provide the latest research on the diagnosis and resulting treatment of spine-related conditions.

Life Outside of Chiropractic

Dr. Schulman has been married since 2002. He and his wife have three daughters, two of whom are twins: Erica, Eve and Erin. When he isn’t at Chiropractic Fitness, Dr. Schulman likes to exercise and spend time with his family.

Free Consultations Offered

If you’d like to learn more, we invite you to speak with Dr. Schulman. He offers complimentary 15-minute consultations on the phone or in person. Contact Chiropractic Fitness today!

Dr. Craig Schulman | (704) 543-7206