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Sports Chiropractic at Chiropractic Fitness

If you enjoy participating in a sport, whether it be a recreational softball game, the occasional tennis match or a jog on the weekends, you may require extra support. At Chiropractic Fitness, we provide sports chiropractic to individuals who are in pain and have lost some of their function. You may have difficulty walking, lifting, bending or reaching and have discomfort. We’re here to help you!

Our Techniques for Active People

Dr. Schulman’s primary techniques are Gonstead and Active Release Therapy®. With Gonstead, we can locate misalignments in the spine that are causing your problems. We go after the cause so that we can relieve pain and restore your spinal function.

Active Release Therapy, or ART, is a muscle-based technique. It can relieve painful spasms and other issues that keep you from enjoying your full range of motion and flexibility. With this method, we can address your entire body from head to toe.

Kinesio Taping® is also available. Dr. Schulman is certified in this therapeutic modality and can apply it to areas such as your shoulders or knees.

Seeing All Levels of Athletes

Dr. Schulman’s athletic patients include school-aged kids and adults alike. You may have a specific injury or be in pain. We want to get you to function again at your normal levels.

One of our patients was a woman who played tennis and developed shoulder impingement syndrome. She was unable to lift her arm higher than her shoulder. She went to other health care providers first, but they weren’t able to provide her with relief. With our treatments, she became pain-free and has full range of motion in her arm and shoulder again.

Your Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician®

Dr. Schulman is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. This knowledge allows him to address not only the spine but all areas of the body. With a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and years of experience as a personal trainer, he uses his background to benefit your care with us. His extra training and knowledge in anatomy and how the body works are an advantage to our patients. Additionally, he is certified in Kinesio Taping.

What to Expect

The new patient process for athletes is much the same as it is for any of our new patients. If you have problems in a specific area such as your knee, we ask that you wear shorts or bring a pair of shorts in with you so that we can access the area. Otherwise, we have gowns available for you to change into.

Runners Welcome

Many of our active patients are runners who want to participate in 5K, 10K or half-marathon races. If pain is slowing you down and making it difficult to run, we can help you prepare for your competition. Not only do we relieve pain, but we can assist you in improving your finishing times. You may have a specific goal in mind, such as running an eight-minute mile. We’ll work to get you feeling better and achieve your desired outcomes.

Convenient Appointment Hours Available

Your life is busy. We understand! That’s why we begin the day early and also have evening hours until 7 PM for your convenience. Contact us today to make an appointment with Chiropractic Fitness for sports chiropractic South Charlotte!

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